About Us

Papel tapiz de Visualizador de fotos de WindowsTURBOCHILE passion for service

Find a company that can be a part of the repairs and maintenance of their engines is not an easy task; we should consider different points of view as:

• Normally limited to engine manufacturer without doubt the know-how versus paying the high cost they have, you have a choice.

• Having a maintenance workshop (Chile), which can only be judged in retrospect, you dare technical quality of staff and the work performed.

• Now you can count Turbochile that started being a local company providing specialized and quality care technology also in terms of maintenance service contracts making great work and high responsibility and quality.

• In Turbochile we have the philosophy that customers should not have to choose between speeds of delivery or quality, Turbochile can have it both ways.

Turbochile is a service provider committed to offer quality spare parts and technical staff, as a result, high quality service at the lower possible cost. The passion we deliver in this area leads us to bring the best results for you to succeed in your business, increasing productivity with low maintenance costs, high availability of their equipment.

Service & Spare parts 24 x 7

Our commitment is to be alert to your requirements to decrease the time for shut downs, you can contact our sales department at any time.

With our alliances in different parts of the world we can provide comprehensive solution to your requirements.

Worldwide snap Service & Spare parts

Our strategic alliances with the best brands and OEM engine manufacturers, we can solve your problems from different parts of the world. Either in service and spare parts, we can give solution for your requirements.