Turbocharger Services

We provide onsite services to all kind of turbochargers such as ABB, MAN, MET, NAPIER, KBB and others, attended by technicians with great experience, trained in the turbochargers makers, in addition we have technical support from some manufacturers.

We have an advance workshop with Schenk balancing machine covering all type of Turbochargers. In part of the material analysis we also measure hardness, wall thickness, roughness, our standard is Mitutoyo instruments, in addition we have a sand blasting machine with microspheres of glass that guarantees the best results without sacrificing the life time of the components.

Spare Parts

We are able to provide spare parts with the best delivery time on our stock in Valparaiso, thanks to a strategic partner TURBOUSA, we achieve great logistics between USA and CHILE, giving in time record of 24 hours replaced critical parts for turbochargers.