935Engine Service

We provide technical service for marine 2 and 4 stroke diesel engines performed by skilled technicians, trained by the engine manufacturer like Wärtsilä, MAN, Caterpillar, MAK, among others, our technicians are highly experience performing overhaul and maintenance work during Dry dock, by sailing or in port.

Other Services

We also provide service and supply parts for the engine peripheral systems such as filters, separators, heat exchangers, etc. booster unit

Turbochargers Service

We provide service to turbocharged engines for ABB, MAN, MET, NAPIER, KBB, performed by skilled technicians with rich experiences, trained in manufactures. We also have support from some manufacturers.

We have an advance workshop to provide a service of the highest quality, as an example, we have a balancing machine Schenk for all ranges of turbochargers rotors, hardness tester, thickness, roughness and the full range of certified Mitutoyo instruments, we also have a blasting machine with glass microspheres ensuring the best job without sacrificing the life time of the components.

Spare Turbochargers

We are able to supply spare parts with best delivery time, thanks to our stock in Valparaiso and also to an strategic partnership in USA how maintains a permanent stock, we are able to achieve and efficient logistics between the US and Chile, delivered time in a record of 24 hours for some critical spare parts.